Who wouldn't want to be on Cloud 9?

Nursery cot and ceiling mobiles triggers sleep which is healthy for the development of brain of the baby to grow and learn new things. It also keeps the mind busy and promotes sleep.

Our hand-felted baby mobile creates a tranquil space for your child. The clouds float serenely through the air, whilst adding a beautiful texture through the room with it's neutral soft tones.

If you treat your mobile with care, you will be able to enjoy its movements and changing shapes for many years to come.


We hope you'll enjoy our precious things, made with love.



  • You will need a screw-in hook (not included) to hang your mobile from the ceiling.
  • Find a suitable position (away from infant's reach) to suspend the mobile.
  • Simply use the hanging loop string attached to the wooden ring and hang it over the screw hook.
  • There is extra string included in the box for much higher ceilings.
  • Please note: This mobile is only to be hung from the ceiling.


Handmade Baby Nursery Ceiling Mobile

  • The clouds and raindrops are made of wool and should be cleaned with a damp cloth.

  • This is not a toy and should therefore be placed out of the reach of a standing infant.